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I uhm got this new nail polish remover (I use it to whipe off doll faceups with) lots of people I know do this. Anyways, this lady that worked in the pharmacy gave me the this bottle of.. Herôme… And… At first I was like: fuck SO expensive!? But I decided for once in my life: fuck it. Ima take my chances with it.

I brought it home, used it to clean a doll’s head with… Which was it again… I think it was Charlie’s old face-up. And at first I was.. So excited with the smell only! XD It smells so good! And your doll head keeps smelling like the Herôme even after applying a face-up. Not only did the smell alone make me super happy XD also how it removes, it leaves no stains like my old one used to do (and which made my cleaning take ages to get something completely clean) it whipes it off in one go with only a few scrubs. And then you wash it off with water, then dry with a towel.. And then you just… Gotta take a sniff of the clean head, because it smells so good XD I feel so silly for being so enthusiastic over something so small. But the whole faceup room smells so good now, and my dolly heads too. So for anyone who (or whatever they use) wants a good product to do it with. I recommend Herôme nail polish remover (WITHOUT ACETON- ALWAYS.) I shouldn’t need to make this clear, but, yknow, just in case.

I havent tried the alcohol solution, bottle.. thingy my friend got me yet. But I’ll try that some time later, right now i’m too happy with the smell LOL…

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